• Days we accept consignments: Tues, Wed and Fri: 11am - 5pm (No appointment needed)

  • Please do not drop off items in front of the store while closed.

  • Consignment rate is 50/50. Payments are made once per month on the 10th of the month.

  • You must bring in at least 5 items to establish a new account.

  • Consignment term is 60 days — after this time, you are responsible for reclaiming your unsold items.

  • Pricing is solely at the discretion of Kingston Consignments' staff. Age, condition and popularity are all factored into our pricing.

  • We accept only quality merchandise and are very selective. Please prepare your items before bringing them in — items should be clean and dust free.

  • We currently do not accept clothing.

  • We cannot and will not accept any items that are low quality/value or are broken, dirty or outdated.

Consignment Period

Each drop-off date for your items begins a new consignment period. The consignment period runs for 60 days from the drop-off date.  Consignors may reclaim their unsold goods within the consignment period. You are solely responsible for tracking the expiration date of each consignment period. You will be responsible for gathering your unsold items, so please bring any needed packing material and/or boxes.

Consignment Expiration

Any item which is not sold and not reclaimed by you at the expiration of the consignment period becomes the property of the store. No monies will be paid on your items remaining with us after the consignment period ends. Such items may be disposed of, donated, reduced for sale and/or stored.


The sale price of all consignment goods is established solely by us. Factors that are considered include age of item, condition and popularity. Pricing may be adjusted at our discretion at any time during the consignment process without notice to you.


  • Consignors receive a 50% commission on the selling price of their consigned items. The selling price does not include taxes or delivery charges. Payment to consignors is made on the 10th of the month after your item(s) have sold. For example, if your item sells any time in May, you would receive payment on June 10th.

  • Commissions of $30 and more are made via check and will be mailed to the consignor. Payments of less than $30 will be made as cash available at Kingston Consignments and may be picked up during normal business hours by the original consignor.

  • We are not responsible for lost checks; if a new check must be issued, the consignor will be charged a $20 replacement fee.

Defective Items

  • Unfortunately, any item which we determine to be defective at any time during the consignment process may, at our option, be disposed of without notice to you if the dollar value of that item is $10 or less. Items found to be defective having a value over $10 may, at our option, be disposed of 30 days after notifying you. Your failure to retrieve any defective item within said notice period automatically gives us the right to dispose of that item without any compensation to you.

  • Consignors who have dropped off electronic goods (including but not limited to stereos, TVs, mobile devices) that are found to be defective will be required to pay us a $10 disposal fee.

  • We pledge to do our best to safeguard our consignment items; however, we are not responsible for the loss or damage to your goods.